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Freshly brewed: unveiling the new Coffee Corral

Updated: Feb 29

We believe every cup of coffee holds a story, a tradition, a legacy — a coffee note uniquely imparted by the roaster. We hold tightly to our history and our unique note as we brew our next chapter — blending our family's passion for serving people, roasting coffee, and building community with our new offerings!

New year, new offerings 🆕

  • New coffee roasts. We are constantly improving our craft and are excited to present the results — our new coffee roasts. Whether you're a fan of a robust dark roast or prefer an aromatic blend, we've got a roast that will satisfy your palate!

  • New menu items. Quality is at the forefront of everything we do at Coffee Corral. Our new menu features our signature coffee creations and an array of quality food and drink options to complement your morning routine (or afternoon, we don’t judge).

  • New ways to get your brew. For those who live for their daily brew, we've introduced a coffee club subscription. Now, you can have our best roasts delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring you're never without the Coffee Corral quality.

Still obsessed with delivering better brews ☕

  •  High-Quality Sources: We only use the most reputable coffee growers. It's our commitment to start with the best beans for the best brew.

  •  Small Batch Perfection: By roasting in small batches, we not only enhance the taste and aroma but also maintain a consistency that coffee connoisseurs appreciate.

  •  Strict Quality Control: We implement strict quality control measures to ensure every cup of Coffee Corral coffee is as delightful as the last.

Embracing our coffee-lover community 🤎

Coffee Corral isn't just about serving excellent coffee — we are driven by the idea of making our customer's day the best it can be. Our aim is to make great coffee that sparks joy — offering something for our customers to look forward to each day. It brings us joy to know that Coffee Corral is a favorite not only in independent shops across Oregon but also in the homes of our customers. Our ultimate goal is to make great coffee a universal experience, one cup at a time.

Visit us online or in a shop 💫

We invite you to explore all that our new website has to offer. Dive into our story, shop our products, join our subscription club, and become a part of the Coffee Corral family.

Welcome to the family, where every sip tells a story.


The Barr Family

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