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It's a family thing.

Our Roots. Our coffee shops and roasters lie at the heart of Baker City, a quaint town in eastern Oregon. What many describe as a charming coffee sanctuary was birthed from a vision of our founder, Kris Barr. Ready for a challenge and armed with the know-how and grit, Kris breathed life into a long-deserted gas station, transforming it into a haven for coffee lovers.

Brewing A New Chapter. Soon, the business would be made a family affair. Drew, her son, and daughter-in-law Christa entered the business as partners with a passion for coffee that rivaled Kris’s. This partnership made Coffee Corral even more special by introducing new roasts, new coffee creations, and new branding. Christa, the now owner and visionary behind our beloved Coffee Corral, continues to carry the torch that Kris lit many years ago.

Better Brew with Better Beans. We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly service, which we like to think makes our carefully crafted drinks that much better. However, our take on roasting coffee truly sets Coffee Corral apart.

  • All varietals we source come from reputable and high-quality growers across the globe, laying the groundwork for a superior coffee experience.

  • Our beans are roasted in multiple small batches, a strategy that not only enhances taste and aroma but also guarantees consistency in their coffee quality.

  • We implement stringent quality control measures, ensuring that every brew is as good as the last.

Today, our coffee is a favorite at independent shops across Oregon. We are driven to make great coffee a universal experience. Our ultimate joy is having our coffee brewed in people’s homes during their morning ritual.

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