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There's always time for great coffee.

Don Godman

They’re friendly, excellent coffee, and a mainstay of Baker City. Ranks top 5 of my favorite Breves.

Laura McKeane

Best.Java.Ever and friendliest people around!

Mike Ryan

On a scale of 1-10 they go to 11.

Perfect espresso blend, great service and fantastic people.

Chelsa Mitchell

I think I’ve been to the new Coffee Corral location EVERY day since they opened. And each day my drink was perfect.

Logan Richard Toubeaux-Handy

Amazing staff and delicious coffee. Always friendly and are really good at making your day better.

Morgan Blake Henstrom

Best... coffee... everrrr... way up to par with my favorite coffee shop back home!

Would greatly recommend!

Wall of Love

Remarkable Roasts

We are obsessed with roasting quality beans to absolute perfection. Place an order and taste our quality for yourself.

Featured Roasts

Our Coffee's Journey

Our Story 

We are a woman-founded, high-quality coffee roaster located in a quaint small town in Oregon. We are known for our coffee sourcing, small-batch roasting, and consistent coffee bean quality. 

Liquid Luxury

Stop by either of our shops in Baker City, Oregon. It is a great place to share coffee and community!

The Coffee Club

Choose your roasts, pick a grind, and kick back as we deliver excellent coffee and merch to your door.

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